Mid-Game Sit And Go Poker Strategy

Things can get very tricky for you in the middle stages of a sit and go poker tournament. The size of your stack will often determine your strategy – and if you have ambitions to win or grind out an in the money finish while playing poker online.

If you have a big stack then life does become easier for you. Use it to intimidate opponents with small stacks and send them packing. Don’t get too carried away though – a few reckless calls and beats sees your big stack become a small stack and you’re in trouble. Use your head at all times.

If you reach the middle stages and have a mid-sized stack you might think about doubling up with an all-in push when the right opportunity arises – for example you have strong hole cards or sense major weakness in your opponents. Or if not a double up you can steal enough chips to see you through a few more rounds by which time more of your opponents could be knocked out. You can still pick your battles with a medium or even small stack in the mid-stages of a tournament. And when you do then be the aggressor to get those chips in and push your opponents off their hands.

Wait for an opportunity to come your way and go for it. You can’t afford to wait for pocket aces to recuse you – they most likely will not arrive. If you are lucky enough to get a premium starting hand then bet it accordingly. If not you might wait for when you are in late position with only a caller or two (no raisers) in front of you. This could be a sign of weakness you can exploit with a big raise or an all-in push. If it works, you have boosted your mid-sized stack into a larger one which can propel you to a money finish.

If you can survive and get to the “bubble” (four players left, top three score cash) you might find that play tightens up as people fold automatically waiting for one other to fall victim. You can use this to your advantage too by using your mid-sized (or hopefully by low large stack) to push those hanging on off their hands and bag their chips. People playing this way are easy to spot.

Almost any two cards will do if you pick your time and victim carefully. Careful mid-tournament play can pay you off handsomely if you are smart about how you approach it and how you use your stack for maximum effect.

If you would like to learn more about an effective strategy you might consider taking a look at a poker school. Good luck in those tournaments!