Frequently asked questions

How soon will I receive your ebook.

After you enter your details on to the form on the front page of this site and click the “I want my free poker ebook” button you will be sent an email asking you to confirm. This is to make sure it really is you who wants it and a protection against “spam.” Click on the link in that email to confirm. You will then be sent a further email containing details of how to download your free poker ebook and extra free gift.

Do I need any special software to read your ebook.

You will be able to download it it contained within a .zip file. Just unzip the file, double click on the .exe file within and the ebook will open. If you don’t have unzipping software, have a look at the free software at

Can the strategies and techniques in your ebook really help me with my tournament poker play.

In short – yes. You’ll have solid, proven tournament poker strategies and knowledge which you will be able to adapt in to your own game and which can regularly take you to “in the money” finishes. Though bear in mind that although undoubtedly a game of skill, poker also requires an element of luck. How you play the cards is ultimately your choice. I can’t make you any guarantees, forecast how you opponents will play or how the flop, turn and river cards will fall.

I have another question.