Here Is Your Free Poker Ebook!

If you don’t want to read all the stuff on the front page, here’s a summary of what you are getting if you download my free ebook on tournament poker strategy.

The download details are below. And remember – it’s totally FREE.

Sit-and-go tournament play: Strategies for “in the money” finishes.
The different types of tournaments.
How they work.
Which ones to play in and which to avoid.
Watch, look and learn – how to “play the player.”
Strategy and adopting changes to it.
Why size is important.
How to “come back from the dead.”
Why where you are sat in relation to the dealer is often more powerful than the cards you’re holding.
How to “steal” chips from your opponents.
Strategies to beat certain types of player you will encounter.
And there’s more!
How to pick up clues about the cards your opponents are holding.
An easy way to keep private notes on your opponents – invaluable next time you play a tournament with any of those players again.
A look at multi-table tournaments and a strategy for them – go all the way to the world series of poker finals.
Recommended on-line poker rooms and free chips to play with.
How to make sure you get the best poker bonuses.

Ebokundergoing a re-write. Until it’s ready, here’s a tasty starter kit from 32Red.